The Busker / Busk it!

Inspired by the truly Irish and authentic character of the wanderer, we have created a set of communication materials for the newly-born The Busker Irish Whiskey. The common thread that all materials share is the spirit of a Whiskey born in Royal Oak, Ireland, which finds its place in the world, boldly and truly communicating the uniqueness of the brand and of its range: with three different notes of smoothness, The Blend – Triple Cask Triple Smooth stands out due to its exceptional quality and richness. All materials tell the story of The Busker’s journey around the world starting from Ireland.

The off-trade tools reflect the typical style of shipping, which is also highly textured. This is why, for example, secondary visibility elements such as Free-Standing Display Units are made of thick, multilayer cardboard and crowners are three-dimensional thanks to “pop-up” bottles that stick out from the background, which is also made of tobacco-coloured cardboard.

On-trade tools also draw inspiration from the world of shipping. However, in this case, they are inspired by the pallets and wooden boxes used for overseas shipments.









Image from the new brand identity of Busker (whisky) realized by Antiorario Creative Agency

For all those that live unabashedly: “Be bold or bust.”

A traditional Irish Whiskey experience.

In the “Blend- Triple Cask Triple Smooth” version as well as in the “Single Collection the Key Visual focuses attention on the product, which becomes the center of the composition. Bright colours enhance the interplay of contrasts with tobacco-coloured cardboard in the background. The four products in The Busker range have a dedicated Icon Set, customised with different icons and colours. Each The Busker brings with it its own uniqueness, which is found in its ingredients, in the methods of distillation, in the casks where the Whiskey ages and is refined, and in the final taste.

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Join the #BuskIt movement!

The premium whisky shipped from Ireland to bars all over the world.

on – trade communication tools

Cases, pallet wrap, gondola end, up to the value added packaging the key word is CARGO!

Not simple display cases, but highly customised cargo-style cases! The tool kit journey starts exactly from them, cases that have two roles: they serve as a container and are also eye-catching to ensure greater visibility in stores, offering maximum functionality for the pallet wrap solutions where, thanks to the unique graphic design and to 3D graphic design of the crowner, they create a powerful element of communication in stores. A tool studied to draw attention to the brand and, therefore, encourage sales.

The Gondola-end crowner also features a “pop-up” design with the images of the bottles sticking out from the bottom carton. In the Full Range Experience version, shelf arrangement is of crucial importance, since the product must be displayed in the order shown on the crowner.

The Gift-Vap is a gift box containing a bottle of The Busker Blend- Triple Cask Triple Smooth and two metal glasses with a raw satin finish in true The Busker style. In addiction, we also studied also a value added pack offering a tasting experience that focuses on the product in the Triple Cask Triple Smooth version, as well as giving end consumers the opportunity of sampling the Single Collection, including Single Grain, Single Malt and Single Pot in a 50 ml miniature version. The rack is the last item created to offer consumers an all-round classic Irish whiskey experience.

Off-trade communication tools

Glorifiers, Coasters, Trays, Desks... the CARGO key concept inspired by the world of pallet.

When it comes to off-trade communication, the cargo effect is inspired by the world of palletsthe wooden boxes used for shipments overseas.

This is how the Glorifier comes to life: like a wooden cargo box, it contains the product which becomes the valuable content of the package shipped from Ireland to bars all over the world.

The tasting trays have a similar style to that of the Glorifier and, therefore, are perfectly matching. Shaped as a low, wide cases, they are available in a “Single Collection” version, featuring the three single products, or in a non-binding “neutral” version.

Coasters are small, raw wood pallets. They come in many different versions: some show the logo of the brand, others have the same silhouette as the bottle, and others feature the logo of the brand and the iconic OAK Distillery seal.

Just like the Glorifier, the outdoor Desk resembles a wooden box (or cargo shipping crate). Placed on top of several real pallets, it will be possible to have the bar counter fitted with display cases to add greater authenticity to the overall look.

Table tents are available in the Blend- Triple Cask Triple Smooth and Single Collection versions. The triangular wooden base features colour-printed, tobacco-brown raw cardboard. The base can also feature other types  of communication such as special prices or drink menus.

The outdoor décor of on-trade locations is inspired not only by the bar countertop but also by tables and chairs. In this case too, the theme is that of wooden cargo overseas shipping crates with typical symbols printed in black ink on wood.

Merchandising The Busker set!

Be bold or bust!

Sweatshirt & T-shirt
Image from the new brand identity of Busker (whisky) realized by Antiorario Creative Agency
Image from the new brand identity of Busker (whisky) realized by Antiorario Creative Agency

Portable Bartender Tool box

Image from the new brand identity of Busker (whisky) realized by Antiorario Creative Agency

The Branded Barrel

Image from the new brand identity of Busker (whisky) realized by Antiorario Creative Agency

Social media special project

The Busker Unbox me! When can count on the influencer marketing power.

Box and unboxing, a combination of strategy and creativity.

Never as in this case we can say: Let's think out of the box!

Do you remember that anticipation and excitement you felt when receiving gifts as a child and how eager you were to tell your friends all about them? It’s a similar excitement thatYouTubers tap into with their Unboxing videos. Product unboxing is an increasingly popular trend that focuses on how a product is packaged to create a pleasant and memorable unboxing experience for buyers. Product unboxing often goes way beyond the simple act of unpacking a new product.

1. Influencer Marketing.

We have delivered a series of cargo mystery boxes to expert Bartenders (Micro Influencers) containing objects related to The Busker world. Community influencers are loyal to their fans and have produced honest review of the product, creating an authentic connection with consumers.

Never as for The Busker the concept of BOX and UNBOXING combines strategy and creativity. The Busker was born in Ireland and is shipped in cargo crates bearing an IMPORTANT NOTE: This is for the wonderers, The sharers of stories, The followers of dreams, The maker-uppers of their own tunes, Living unabashedly.

2. Bartender Masterclass. It consists in simulating the UNBOXING of a The Busker cargo box containing everything necessary to perform the masterclass. A stoppable video tells about the arrival of the cargo crate at the home of the Brand Ambassador, who will activate the presentation with an “unveiling” process and “Product reveal”.

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