Playtex / The Marras Quotes.

A project born to celebrate the Playtex bras, reinterpreted by the well-known Italian stylistAntonio Marras on the occasion of the SS2022 fashion show.A moment of pure emotion in which the traditional CrissCross evolves itself in many wonderful creative designs and interpretations. The cross on the heart becomes an icon of magic combining creativity and functionality.A truly unique opportunity to emphasize Playtex quality through the words of the renowned artist and designer, which sound like music in an enchanted moment.








Image from the social media toolkit realized for Playtex and Antonio Marras by Antiorario Creative Agency

The Marras quotes.

Sophisticated true thoughts generate true sophistication.

Quotes, thoughts and personal experiences become more influential if the person who tells them is recognized as an icon, this is what influencer marketing teaches us and, in the case of the famous Antonio Marras, there are certainly no doubts! The entire project is based on a creative video interview that allows us to extrapolate a series of valuable quotes on the product by the artist, which have been combined in a poetic way to enhance the pros of the product itself. In short, if Antonio Marras says so, it is certainly true!The historic Criss Cross shines again in a sophisticated, harmonious, truly modern key.

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Spontaneity is the way.

This is not still life, it’s life – distilled. We move, we play, we create. We savour the cocktail in hyper-real nightlife situations, carried by hands of character and joyfulness. By these hands we know the shining, iconic people who choose to drink Tia Maria.

Image from the social media toolkit realized for Playtex and Antonio Marras by Antiorario Creative Agency

A cross as an icon.

The legendary Criss Cross iconic graphical shape comes back to life!

Among the numerous quotes by the artist, one in particular emerges and unites emotionality and technique for the first time: “A magical cross, a cross that is close to the heart”. This is the main quote that also becomes the hero message of the entire project: the historic cross transforms itself in a new way of considering the bra no longer hidden, but a real aesthetic emotional accessory. truly modern key.

How a simple interview can be transforming into a complete journey.

Image from the social media toolkit realized for Playtex and Antonio Marras by Antiorario Creative Agency

A tool kit that leverages video as a hero but includes carousels and multi-format images.

The whole project relies on the hero video interview with Antonio Marras, which we specifically turned into a multi-format key to satisfy multiple uses. The video hero was created to excite and engage the audience, the video snacks to lead the target towards the product in a spontaneous way and the carousels, which are very popular formats, reinforce the identity with an additional interpretation

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